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Step 1: Shop

Order one of our "gift a cape" bracelets or design a custom cape of your own.

Step 2: Donate

For every bracelet or cape purchased, donates a superhero cape to a child in a hospital.

Step 3: Impact

Kiddos in the hospital have the option to send you a video message of gratitude with their cape.

Custom Text + Image Capes

Choose a cape color, add your logo or image, text, and more. Printed in our warehouse in Michigan, USA. Ships in 2-3 business days.

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Shape + Letter Superhero Capes

Pick your favorite shape, colors, and letter and you will become a superhero in no time!

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Custom Capes

Why buy capes from Because you can be a hero to someone and create personalized superhero capes using our cape customizer app! So if you're wondering where to buy a cape, this is the place! These capes come in various colors including white, black, red, blue, and green. Choose from shapes, outline colors, letters, and even letter colors, when designing your own custom printed capes. These superhero capes can be modified in other ways, including using your own custom images. In addition to our custom capes, you can find other products including bracelets. This is the best place to buy capes online, be it for kids or adults. We also have a blog with useful information on capes and cloaks, including the origin of the cape, the difference between capes and cloaks, as well as other interesting facts about capes. Wear a superhero cape at any party with children and you'll thank your stars as you'll be one of the favorites. Capes are a favorite among children and even adults have to admit to still having cape fantasies. Not interested in a cape? Our bracelets make an excellent jewelry/accessory!
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