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Superhero Cape Options

These capes are perfect for a variety of reasons and events, including Halloween costumes or to wear at a birthday party. Become a child's superhero and become a favorite with the kids with a superhero cape from Add a mask and this costume will quickly become one of the party favorites! Use your imagination and come up with more ideas for making the most of these superhero capes! is your source for custom superhero capes!

Superheroes and Capes

Superheroes and capes: they're practically synonymous. Not every superhero wears a cape or even a mask, and yet kids dream of dressing up like them and pretending to be them. Despite how many superheroes are rocking capes onscreen, big or small, questions abound about practicality, who wears them, why they wear them, and the materials that make the best superhero capes.

What Superheroes Have a Cape?

Dozens of individual superheroes have capes. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also known as the MCU, the two notable superheroes with capes are Thor and Dr. Strange. Thor was one of the original Avengers in the film series, while Benedict Cumberpatch's character showed up later in the series.

In the DC Comics side of things, capes are worn by Superman and Batman. The MCU might be the dominant franchise between the two over the last decade, but both Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne have been known to slip on their capes on the big screen years ahead of the Avengers showing up.

What Is the Purpose of a Superhero Cape?

A cape usually fulfills one of two roles, but it can also serve both simultaneously.

The first role would be functionality. The actual function would vary on the superhero. For instance, Batman might use his cape to fly or glide. Others might rely on their capes for things like distraction, avoiding shrapnel, being bulletproof, or just distracting enemies.

The second role is just fashion or making a symbolic statement. In many cases, they just look super cool on someone. When Superman's cape is fluttering in the wind, you can feel his flying more.

Superhero capes are also great for Birthday parties and other events where some sort of costume and/or mask (which helps, if you want to be anonymous) are appropriate.  Capes are great accessories when it comes to any sort of superhero costume.

Are Capes Practical for Superheroes?

The practicality of capes for superheroes very much depends on the specific particulars of that cape within the established world of each hero. In most versions of Superman, his cape doesn't seem to serve any real purpose. On the other hand, Batman has been known to rely on his cape more than once for actual flying in lieu of being able to fly as a superpower.

Which Material Makes the Best Superhero Cape?

Vibranium would probably win in the MCU, if anyone ever figured out how to make a cape out of it. On the DC side, Christian Bale's memory cloth might be the winner since it could form rigid structures with an electrical current run through it.

If you're thinking about making a superhero cape in the real world for your kids to play with, then foil might be the best choice. Science-Sparks actually investigated this a bit and determined that foil was best flying and flapping in the breeze to help children enjoy their superhero moments.

Be a Conversational Hero

Given the popularity of superhero franchises these days, the topic comes up in conversation sooner or later. Show off your newfound knowledge about superheroes and capes to impress your fellow fans.