Giving Back

Ask someone what a superhero is, they'll say this: a superhero is a character that possesses abilities beyond those of ordinary people.

Every day, hundreds of children of all ages are admitted into hospitals across America.

And regardless of whether they're in-patient, there long-term for treatment to help them fight a life-threatening disease, or just overnight visitors, just like us adults, they can find the whole experience scary.

At, all of us see these kids as superheroes. After all, doesn't it take a person of great strength and courage to endure the unendurable? These children are not only superheroes, but they're also people that deserve to be continuously-reminded of just how extraordinary they truly are.

Here at, we want to support heroes. And what better way to support a hero, help a child who may be frightened in the hospital, then by empowering them. And the best way to empower them is reminder them all that they are all each superheroes. was created in 2019 via a partnership with the 501(c)3 tax-exempt Farmington Hills, Michigan non-profit, Fleece & Thank You. Our missing is simple: Gift a cape to every child in a hospital bed around the country so that our children can be empowered; have confidence, invincibility hope and attitude. And to remind them, indeed, that they do have the strength to fight against whatever their illness as superheroes.

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