Reasons to Buy a Cape

Capes are a stylish, creative, and simply awesome way to express your inner spirit. No matter what age you are, capes are always incredibly cool, but do you know the real reason you should buy one? 

You Want to be a Superhero!

Everybody knows a superhero's real power lies within his or her cape. Unleash the hidden superhuman powers you have always known you possessed with a sensational superhero cape today!

Aerodynamics – Not only can you fly while wearing a cape, but you look really cool doing it! Loops, spins, leaps across tall buildings, and incredibly awesome landings can only be accomplished while wearing a cape. In the superhero world, a cape can also help you control speed and direction, as well as protect you when making a landing or falling unexpectedly from a great height. The voluminous material slows the rate of descent and acts as a sort of really cool parachute.

Defense – You may be unaware of this, but many superhero capes are made from a special material that is flame-retardant and bullet-proof. Fend off the attack of foes with your special cape that negates potential threats like gunfire and flames. Even ancient samurais wore a cloak designed to billow out while fleeing or fighting enemies on horseback. This billowing cape was very effective at stopping enemy arrows in their path.

Offense – Some superhero capes are even secretly designed to be used as a weapon. For example, Batman's cape is weighted at the ends so that it can be gallantly swung around at enemies and catch them by surprise.

Disguise – A cape is also an effective means of disguise when the occasion to conceal yourself arises, as so often it does with superheroes. When you wear your superhero cape and allow it to drape and flare out, it makes it extremely difficult for your would-be attacker to determine exactly where your body is, thus confusing him and causing his aim to be off.

Dramatic Effect – Finally, a superhero cape allows for an incredibly dramatic effect that strikes fear into the hearts of criminals and other enemies. When dramatically swooped about you, gallantly swept over your head, or allowed to effectually billow out behind you, the perfect cape can help you appear to be something other than just a person in a costume.</ul>

You're Six, and They are Cool

What six-year-old kid doesn't want a cool superhero cape? All your favorite superheroes in the movies and on the TV screen have one, so why shouldn't you? Every kid needs to fly with Superman and valiantly leap across tall buildings with Batman to fight criminals and other low-life villains. While every superhero does not wear a cape, it is a necessary piece of magical attire in a child's crime-fighting wardrobe. After all, no six-year-old can ward off flamethrowers and poison-tipped spears without the protection of a trusty cape.

You're 36, and They are Still Cool

You're not six anymore, but superhero capes are still really cool. No kid-at-heart ever truly outgrows the need for an incredibly awesome and secretly magical superhero cape. It doesn't matter how old you are, a cape is still really cool. Besides, you never know when you may need to leap across towering buildings or soar to the top of a skyscraper to rescue a woman or child in need.

Capes Should Never go out of Style

Capes should never disappear from our wardrobes. They are, after all, an iconic piece of a superhero's attire and a child's imagination. Therefore, they should always maintain a prominent place in our closets – a.k.a secret changing stations.