Great Reasons to Add a Cape to Your Child’s Costume

Most children want to show off a cool costume on Halloween. Collecting candy is great, but children love the idea of being a popular character on Halloween. A costume gives your child a chance to express his creativity while portraying his favorite character. Many costumes are not complete without a cape. Here are great reasons to add a cape to your child's costume.

Keep Warm on a Cold Night

In most states, Halloween night will be a cold night. Long sleeves and a coat will keep your child warm at night. Kids do not want to hide their costume under a coat, and long sleeves can take away from the costume. A cape will keep your child warm and happy while he is trick or treating. Capes in solid colors match well with any Halloween costume.

Feel Like a Superhero

Your child can be anyone he wants to be on Halloween, and many children want to be a superhero. Superheroes use capes to fly around the world, and Batman and Superman need their capes to feel powerful. Your child will want to be an exact replica of his favorite superhero. When he is running around gathering candy, he will feel great knowing he has a complete superhero costume.

Be Different From Other Superheroes

There will be many superheroes on Halloween night, and every parent wants their child to stand out in a sea of superheroes. Many children will be wearing the same costume on Halloween, and a cape will make it easy to keep an eye on your child in the dark. Adding a cape to your child's costume will make him feel special on a night when he is stocking up on candy. Your child can brag about having the complete superhero costume.

Aside from looking cool, a cape will boost your child's self confidence. Children use costumes as an icebreaker in social situations. Shy children have something to talk about after getting compliments on a superhero costume. A cape will boost your child's creativity, and every parent knows a creative child is a happy child.