Fun with Super Hero capes

What we wear says a lot about our personality. The item of clothing we select for the day or to wear to a party is a direct clue to our mood. Capes may not be a wardrobe stable for everyone. A cape is however, an item of clothing that usually brings the wearer a unique sense of confidence.

DC Comics 

Many people associate capes with the crime fighting super heroes they've idolized since childhood. DC Comics is best known as a comic book publisher responsible for giving young readers a look into the lives of everyone from Superman to The Green Lantern. Batman himself is literally referred to as the “caped crusader” feared by all manner of criminals in fictional Gotham City.

It is rare to meet someone who does not identify with one super hero or another. Superman and The Flash come to mind. Teams of crime fighters like Batman and Robin personify teamwork. The writers and artists at DC Comics were also ahead of their time giving the world full-fledged female super heroes like Bat Girl and Wonder Woman. While these characters were women, they were still respected members of the Justice League of America.

Super Hero capes

The capes worn by super heroes are a strategic aspect of their costume. These capes are made of lightweight materials that appear as if they are floating on air. What better way to speed the journey of super heroes in flight, as they soar high above the earth's atmosphere. When not in flight, capes add drama to their every move.

As most of us are not super heroes, we don't tend to wear long flowing capes on a regular basis. Neither do we fly high in the sky or do battle with the likes of the Penguin, the Joker and Mr. Freeze. However now and then, it is genuinely fun to wear a cape. There is always Halloween, Mardi Gras and parties thrown at the spur of the moment. Just putting on a cape as an accessory gives one the feeling that “Hey, maybe I do have super powers?”

Capes are fun for kids and grownups too

Don't just sit with a DC Comic book, reading about flying crime fighters who possess superhuman feats of strength. Become your own personal super hero and find strength in your own abilities. Maybe you'd like to be that super hero who swims in the depths of the sea like Aqua Man. You might even want to try walking on the dark side, transforming yourself into Cat Woman or another notorious villain like the Riddler. 

The easiest thing to do is find a costume shop to purchase or rent a super hero outfit. Depending upon where you live, a costume shop that stocks a variety of super hero capes may be difficult to find. Even if you live in a big city, their stock of costumes is sparse at times other than the traditional Halloween season. 

If you'd like to wear a super hero cape to school, work or your next family gathering, interesting options abound. With a few materials, a little time and a bit of ingenuity, you can easily craft your own super hero cape. Here's a chance to dress like your favorite crime fighter, become a feared villain or create an entirely new character all your own. 

Make a super hero cape

First, you'll need to use a tailor's tape measure take accurate back measurements. This is simple to do on another person, but you'll need someone to measure your own back. Make sure the measurement is taken from the outside of your right shoulder across to the left shoulder. Your back measurement will be the width of your cape, as it will hang down from your shoulders. 

Now take another measurement to assure the length of your cape. Take a length measurement from one of your shoulders down to the point of your body where you want the cape to fall. You need it long enough to be impressive, but not so overly long that you trip over it while running after the bad guys. It goes without saying that you might hurt yourself, and it would be pretty embarrassing too. 

Purchase a light weight fabric for your cape, in a color and texture that befits your chosen super hero. Before buying your cape materials, wave it in the air to try out its air-worthiness. You always want your cape to literally float when you fly high, run “faster than a speeding bullet” or generally move about indoors and outdoors. 

Embellish with enthusiasm

Craft and fabric stores sell ready-to-wear character emblems that can be sewn, glued or ironed onto clothing. If you have a flair for the artistic, draw an emblem or logo of your very own. It works well to trace and cut the design from felt or another material that stands out in color from your cape. After all, you want your emblem to be noticed from afar when you are in flight.

Don't forget to employ the power of creativity, for it is sadly one of the most underused super powers on the planet. Add sewing trim, glitter or feathers. Sew, pin or use two-sided adhesive tape to affix the edges to the back of each shoulder. While you're at it, wear an identical emblem on the front of your shirt or super hero leotard. Adjust your cape, and let your imagination soar!