Custom Capes for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time of year to let your fangs show, and you don't have to worry about covering them sheepishly with your cape. Although, it's also an excellent time to dust off your creative side, and invest in a custom cape to top off this year's costume.

Custom Capes

Custom capes are designed for men, women, and children (including your four-legged ones). Whether adult capes, children's capes, or especially for the pets, your costume will impress with thoughtfulness. Ideas range from butterflies to vanpires with a smattering of superheroes and gladiators thrown in for good measure.

Adult Capes

From moth and butterfly winged capes to superhero capes for adults, the fabrics and colors are only limited by the imagination. Cleopatra paired with Mark Antony creates an elegant sight. A warrior and his huntress are regularly caped riders, as are Zorro and Lady Zorro. Maybe a monarch butterfly or a green luna moth capture your attention, or you're more subtly drawn to a Scotland Yard detective in houndstooth, or a demure 18th century lass in horse-drawn carriage. Perhaps, each of these suggestions is a bit too tame, and you long to express yourself in more heroic terms. Have no fear!

Superhero Capes for Adults

Valkyrie's lasting beauty and strength is a good place to start; however, Sif paired with the ably-caped Thor is a mighty match for any costume party. Halloween, itself, would be replete without a little "God of Mischief" (Marvel), and who better to provide that than Marvel's own caped character, Loki. I Norse mythology isn't quite your speed, there's the DC Comic genre, which features such memorable characters as the Caped Crusader, himself, Batman. Along with Robin the Wonder and Batgirl they take on the shadowy elements of Gotham. Superman is a caped hero that springs to mind when thinking of a custom design. There are characters on the DC arsenal that might be a little further from memory, but who were no less superheroes: the sometimes caped Wonder Woman, the 1940s character The Green Lantern is another crusader for justice, and don't forget the special powers of female Flash.

Custom Capes for Children

Of course, Halloween conjures thoughts of little ones decked out in costume and either attending a party or traversing the neighborhood (hopefully, looking for treats rather than tricks!). Custom capes can be sized to fit any body. So, there's no reason why your child can't don the cape of his or her favorite superhero, or mischief maker. Maybe your child loves Sherlock Holmes. A custom cape for child and pet decked out a super sleuths is an inspired twist on the crime-solving pair. Little girls love butterflies and fairies, and custom capes are the perfect fit for that fancy.

The Perfect Cape

Whatever the manner in which you decide to celebrate this Halloween, if it requires a costume, consider the varied characters who have worn capes. Do a little research, and create a truly memorable look that's finished with a custom cape.