Best Movie Hero Capes for 2017

There is something special about the caped hero that stands out from the crowd. Something about the cape makes the hero's costume come alive, which makes the hero even more majestic. Sure, there are several movies out this year that praise heroes without a cape, but the following list is for those who love the caped hero and want to learn about the best caped heroes for 2017.


Thor is one of the coolest superheroes in movies. This year he is returning to the silver screen in Thor: Ragnarok, which is actually the third installment of his adventures excluding the moments where the character appeared in cameos or part of an ensemble. 

The character's cape is one of the most iconic parts of his costume. It makes the superhero stand out from the rest. It is a royal red cape that helps others understand that this character is not only a superhero but also a god. This is probably the reason why many love to use it as a Halloween costume. 


Batman is known for his iconic look, which does not scream superhero at first. In fact, it has a look that might put fear in the hearts of people. The bat has never been a creature that people are normally attracted to. Bats have been associated with vampires for ages, so this superhero's look is definitely different from others, but that is what makes him special. 

Many people are in love with the character's look because it is dark and a bit scary. The costume designer of the new film coming out this year definitely made sure that Batman's look is even more intimidating. This may be one of the reasons why the costume is quickly becoming the hottest look this year. 

Captain Underpants

There are some superhero capes that everyone knows like the ones mentioned above, but there are a few new superheroes making their way into theaters this year like Captain Underpants. This superhero is not exactly new as he was created by novelist Dav Pilkey. The story revolves around two students and their ill-tempered principal. 

The students are troublemakers, so it makes sense that they do not have a pleasant history with the principal. The pranksters pull a joke on the principal and hypnotize him, but their prank goes to far when the principal actually believes that he is Captain Underpants. He is wearing a cap and underpants with nothing else and, of course, he does not have any superpowers. This costume is for the quirky type. It is for those who understand the comedy behind superhero stories. 


Superman is a demi-god, even though comic books do not really touch on this. He is also the most well-known superhero out there, and his red cape is almost as iconic as the character himself. The red cape has now taken a new identity, especially in the movie coming out this year. It represents the character's lineage, and it also represents the character's commitment to the cause. 

Many who follow this superhero's journey know that being an American is a big part of his psyche. He may not fully understand that the colors he uses are also the colors associated with the American flag, but it is all intricate. Superman is also the ultimate boy scout. Everyone knows that this superhero is always going to do the right thing no matter what, which is probably what makes his costume such a special costume this year and any year. The superhero might show up in this year's Justice League, but he might not be the hero audiences remember due to the dire outcome of his last adventure, but you will have to wait to see.

Doctor Strange

Every superhero has some type of superpower, which makes them interesting. Some of these powers are things like strength, flight, or even telekinesis, but that is just the beginning. A new superhero just entered the arena, and his powers go beyond what is expected from superheroes, and his name is Doctor Strange. Some people might expect him to only be a science geek, but you know this hero is quite supernatural and mystic. 

Doctor Strange's powers exist in the world of magic and altered universes. The film just came out, and people were completely blown away by this man's powers and overall look. The costume is a blend between a magician and a superhero. His cape is not just a cape but also a magical cloak that grants this hero more power than he can fully understand just yet. His costume is definitely one worth using this year. 

Hopefully, these superheroes have inspired you to choose the caped hero that speaks to you this year.