Adult Capes

Adult man in cape

Halloween is right around the corner. Some adults are rushing to find the perfect outfit for their kids. Others, are trying desperately to come up with an appropriate costume for themselves. It's always difficult to balance making Halloween memorable for kids, with a personal desire to don a costume that matches an inner superhero personality. In most cases, adult capes make the difference between a lackluster Halloween, and one that is worthy of being preserved in a family picture album.

Adults with families are always envious of peers who have no families and live their superhero fantasies on a whim. They view Facebook posts of friends attending ComiCon, and friends who regularly attend parties where custom capes and other regalia are the norm. For any adult with an inner superhero, witnessing friends having a great time wearing costumes can be difficult. This Halloween could be the perfect chance to explore a few personal superhero urges. It's only natural, and requires only a few key costume items.

The Nature of a Superhero

What is it that makes the persona of a comic, cartoon, or movie superhero stick to the psyche of a grown adult? As a grown-up, any adult should be able to kick the need to be more than their daily outer appearance would indicate. The truth is, every adult has the fantasy of spending a moment in the role of a hero that displays abilities greater than their own. This is true for both men and women. Kids idolize, but adults fantasize. There is no better time to realize a superhero fantasy than Halloween. 

Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, the superheros that adults love are endless. There are even superheros associated with fond childhood memories like Superdog, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, and Captain Caveman who ignite the need to adopt alter egos when certain holidays come around. This Halloween is the perfect time for adults to revisit their love of fantasy with a superhero costume.

Living the Fantasy

Most adults are afraid to participate in Halloween fun as their favorite superhero because of one thing. Inevitably, they will choose a less exciting costume because of body image. Superman is supposed to have a bodybuilder's physique, and Wonder Woman is supposed to have an alternate career as a swimsuit model, right? No! What gives these superheros their flair is aesthetics. Superhero adult capes are aesthetic additions that allow all grown-ups the ability to be who they want to be for Halloween.

Capes are simple pieces of cloth that drape over the back, but they are so much more. They represent strength, uniqueness, and the ability to do what others can't. Adult capes complete the image of a superhero, and they are a surprisingly effective guard against body issues. Anyone who wears superhero capes for adults immediately gains the respect of everyone around them. They also feel more secure in the costume that they choose. This is important because many popular superhero costumes can be quite revealing. 

The cape is the key to having a fun, attractive, and comfortable adult Halloween costume. This is true for simply answering doors for trick-or-treaters, or attending a blockbuster party. Don the gorgeous and flowing red cape of Superman, or Supergirl. Flaunt the black cape of Count Dracula. Be creative and daring when wearing a sequenced cape appropriate for a disco queen showcase. The size, color, and aesthetic doesn't matter. What matters is that an adult was able to live out a fantasy for one important night as the superhero of their choice.

Local costume shops and online stores feature an endless variety of custom capes that can be used to create an original costume. This Halloween, let the urge to become a hero loose. Squeeze into the tights, buy the right faux equipment, and don't forget the adult capes. Adult capes as costume additions indicate to others that superhero status is sought, and seriousness in enjoying the Halloween holiday is the goal.