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Why Get A Cape?

Capes just aren't for superheros, you know? Historically, capes have been worn by rockstars, royalty, dignitaries, and magicians. Capes aren't worn just assist a superheros in flight, they can accessorize your costume or suit, and give you a fashionable style that will set you apart at any event or gathering.

Interesting Facts about Capes

The cape first rose to fashion in nineteenth-century Europe, when they were first worn with a hood or cloak and chaperon. Clergy of the Roman Catholic faith wear capes called "Ferraiolo." The early United States presidents like George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson all wore a Ferraiolo during their presidencies. Capes are worn in the US military during times of bad weather.

Traditionally, the cape is known as a outer piece of clothing that the wearer wears on their back, but there are capes that also cover one's full body as well. Specifically in times of bad weather, a cape can be used as a full-body covering. A Rain Pancho is also known to be called a cape as well. And the smock that the barber or your hairdress puts over your front when you're getting your haircut is also known as a cape.