Adult Superhero Capes for Sale

Halloween is right around the corner. Some adults are rushing to find the perfect outfit for their kids. Others, are trying desperately to come up with an appropriate costume for themselves. It’s always difficult to balance making Halloween memorable for kids, with a personal desire to don a costume that matches an inner superhero personality. In most cases, adult capes make the difference between a lackluster Halloween, and one that is worthy of being preserved in a family picture album. Read more “Adult Capes”

Superheroes and Capes

Capes are practically synonymous with superheroes. If you think back to all of the greatest superheroes of your childhood years, you probably picture more than a few individuals wearing capes. Superman wore a cape. Batman wore a cape. That’s just where the examples start, too. Other noteworthy superheroes who have been cape devotees are Hyperion, Spawn, Thor, Dr. Strange, Robin and Captain Marvel. People who want to dress up as powerful and courageous individuals often reach for superhero costumes that include capes. Why not? Capes give off feelings of power and strength. They can take superhero costumes to the next level. Read more “Buy Superhero Capes”