Superhero costumes 2017
superhero capes 2017

Trends have many foundations. Some are debatable, but there is no doubt that certain trends are triggered by what is happening in the world. Caped heroes have stolen the hearts of most moviegoers, making their clothes and style a point of interest. The following are some of the hero-inspired costumes for 2017.


The world of superheroes is expanding in pop culture, meaning studios are finding new characters to introduce like the Deadman. This caped hero is part of the Justice League Dark, which is an obscure group of superheroes with occult-like superpowers. This caped hero’s costume looks like Dracula’s outfit, though it is fitted.

The Dark Knight

There is hardly a more recognizable caped hero than Batman, and he is still making a splash this year. Batman’s costume has changed beyond the latex-looking costume he sports in the comics as it looks more like an armor. These changes make the Batman suit a little rugged, but it also makes the Dark Knight much more intimidating.


Wolverine is still going strong this year with the appearance of another film where the audience gets a chance to experience the title character at an older age. This means that many Wolverine fans might end up attempting to dress up like the silver-haired Wolverine, instead of the younger version of the character.


The Guardians of the Galaxy is perhaps one of the most eccentric groups of superheroes to grace a comic book or a movie theater. One of the characters is a walking, talking tree-like creature and the other is a raccoon. There are many other colorful alien type superheroes in the story that comic book aficionados would love to embody in costume.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most recognizable female superheroes in comics and the media. She is a powerful Amazonian princess with incredible powers and agilities. Her costume has been updated to look a lot more like an armor. It has golden hues throughout, and it may remind fans of something only Greek gods might have worn. The costume feels powerful, making it a great costume to wear.


Spider-man is returning to theaters with a new costume that has been re-imagined. The costume looks a little more classic, and it is equipped with a lot more gadgets than previous costumes. There is no better time for a super hero costume to play off the colors from the American flag like blue and red.

V and L

Leave it to the French to come up with a comic book about a set of inter-stellar cops monitoring space and time. These superheroes dress in Hawaiian-inspired clothes and battle strange aliens who might tamper with space or time. Valerian and Laureline is a highly imaginative comic book, and the film promises the same.

The Coldest City

One of the most stylish heroes to ever hit a comic book or graphic novel is the M16 agent in the Coldest City storyline. She is a strong, brutal, and intelligent spy who must uncover deeply covert plots against her or people of interest. There is no doubt that some people will start wearing the mod boots or beige overcoat that this character loves.

Harley Quinn

The Joker’s love interest has captured audiences everywhere. She has been portrayed in many different ways; for one, she is love-struck with the Joker, but she has also been a hero from time to time. She may be psychotic, but there are times when she may do the right thing. One thing that has made her quite iconic is her costume. Some love the traditional fitted jester look while others prefer the new interpretation, which is punk-like but sexy.

Thor’s Return

Thor is an incredibly popular Norse-like caped hero. His winged helmet, red cape, and full armor make him an incredibly powerful hero. Thor’s return to the big screen is highly anticipated, and it promises to bring a new look for the superhero. For one, he may not have his trusted hammer, so who knows what other weapon he might be using.

There are a lot of looks to try this year, some of which are quite imaginative for those interested in outlandish caped heroes.