Supehero Capes for Adults

Capes are a true must-have in the wardrobe of the super-powered. Most of the best superheroes sport this symbolic piece as a representation of their heroic abilities. Not all heroes wear capes. However, when we see a cape, we know that the person wearing it is powerful. Here are some cape-wearing superheroes who exemplify what it means to be heroic.

Superman and Superwoman

Superman is arguably one of the most famous superheroes there is. His bright red cape with the trademark yellow “S” logo on the back is admired by children and adults alike. Superman’s cape is so popular that one can identify him by his cape alone. His cape is what helps make him a symbol of all that is good. Superman’s signature cape sets the standard for all other superhero capes to come. With her cape’s similar look, Superwoman also has a very powerful presence thanks to her superhero cape.

Batman and Robin

Batman’s cape plays a very important role in his persona. It is representative of his dark, hidden and private presence. He upholds justice throughout the dark nights. Although Batman does not have actual superpowers, his cape enhances his ability to fight crime. He becomes invisible in the night, embodying all that bats represent. The dark color of his cape allows him to be hidden in plain sight from criminals. Batman is a very different type of superhero than Superman, but their capes both serve an important purpose. Robin and his cape provided a great contrast to Batman, while still complimenting his abilities. His cape also had a collar, which is a unique feature not often seen.

You probably would not expect to see normal people walking around in this superhero fashion piece. Superhero capes are normal and even expected in the fantasy world, but do they have a practical use in the real world? Here are some occasions that call for a flashy superhero cape.


A holiday where you are expected to dress up is the perfect day to debut your superhero look. Superheroes are a very popular choice for Halloween costumes every year. No superhero costume would be complete without the signature cape! Even if you wanted to go with a DIY homemade superhero costume, everyone would know what you were because of your cape. You can make your cape out of a sheet or a curtain, as long as you have one.

superhero capes

Costume Contests

Dressing up for and entering a costume contest puts a lot more on the line. You have to make sure that you are looking your best and expect that everyone else will too. Adding fancy tech and cool features to your costume will definitely score you some points for creativity. Forgetting to wear a superhero cape is asking for an automatic disqualification. No superhero costume is complete without the cape!

Children’s Birthdays and Playtime

Having a superhero themed birthday party would be every child’s dream. Everyone can be dressed up as their alter ego and fight crime around the house. Fantasy themed games and treats all provided by their super parents! You can also liven up playtime by adding a superhero cape. The superpowers you and your child will receive from the cape will make your day of play-fighting crime so much better. Finding a way to incorporate superhero capes into a child’s birthday party or playtime will definitely save the day!

Movie Nights

Binge watching an entire superhero series is common among fantasy fans. You would not forget the popcorn and snacks, big television screen or your friends. Why should you leave out a superhero cape? Superhero capes can be a fun way to enhance your movie night experience. Make it well known which team you are on, by wearing your hero’s cape proudly.