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We provide hope and strength to children battling illness by providing them with a customized cape and a video message through every purchase!

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  • AstronautAstronaut
  • DinosaursDinosaurs
  • Happy DinosaursHappy Dinosaurs
  • MermaidMermaid
  • NinjaNinja
  • PandaPanda
  • UnicornUnicorn

  • Animal-DonateAnimal-Donate
  • Astronaut-DonateAstronaut-Donate
  • Dinosaurs-DonateDinosaurs-Donate
  • Happy Dinosaurs-DonateHappy Dinosaurs-Donate
  • Mermaid-DonateMermaid-Donate
  • Ninja-DonateNinja-Donate
  • Panda-DonatePanda-Donate
  • UFO-DonateUFO-Donate
  • Unicorn-DonateUnicorn-Donate
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How It Works

  1. You pick the cape design you want to purchase for yourself.
  2. Then pick the cape design you want to give
  3. You make your video message that will travel with your cape to a child in the hospital (don’t worry, if you don’t want to make one, we will put a stock message on there for you!).
  4. Receive a message back from the patient you gave a cape to!

Kids Cape

Section Length
Neck 15″
Bottom Width 26″
Side Length 34″

Adult Cape

Section Length
Neck 18″
Bottom Width 42″
Side Length 41″


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