Superheroes and Capes

Capes are practically synonymous with superheroes. If you think back to all of the greatest superheroes of your childhood years, you probably picture more than a few individuals wearing capes. Superman wore a cape. Batman wore a cape. That’s just where the examples start, too. Other noteworthy superheroes who have been cape devotees are Hyperion, Spawn, Thor, Dr. Strange, Robin and Captain Marvel. People who want to dress up as powerful and courageous individuals often reach for superhero costumes that include capes. Why not? Capes give off feelings of power and strength. They can take superhero costumes to the next level. Read more “Buy Superhero Capes”

Types of Capes and Cloaks & The Differences Between Capes and Cloaks

In ancient times, cloaks and capes were worn as important styles of dress to indicate an individual’s rank. Members of the higher classes as well as scholars wore these clothes to represent their status. Capes were more common for women while cloaks were more often worn by men. These clothes were symbols used by the elite classes to alert lower classes of the presence of noble ranking individuals. Cloaks and capes are both considered common types of outerwear even today, but the two are often confused for one another because of how similar they are. In reality, the two styles of clothing have many differences. The main difference between the two styles is the design of each type as well as the purpose for which one is worn. Traditionally, capes are now worn as a form of fashion while cloaks are worn to protect the user from the elements.

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Superhero costumes 2017
superhero capes 2017

Trends have many foundations. Some are debatable, but there is no doubt that certain trends are triggered by what is happening in the world. Caped heroes have stolen the hearts of most moviegoers, making their clothes and style a point of interest. The following are some of the hero-inspired costumes for 2017.


The world of superheroes is expanding in pop culture, meaning studios are finding new characters to introduce like the Deadman. This caped hero is part of the Justice League Dark, which is an obscure group of superheroes with occult-like superpowers. This caped hero’s costume looks like Dracula’s outfit, though it is fitted. Read more “A Look at Some of the New Hero-Inspired Costumes for 2017”

Supehero Capes for Adults

The cape is gaining more and more recognition as a garment though it has, for the longest time, being considered as a casual and outdated fashion attire. The cape faded away to the back section of closets but it never really went away; it still is seen in modern fashion though done in different styles. Nevertheless, capes are still not a big trend in the fashion seen; hopefully, all that can be changes and have the cape gain the style recognition it deserves.

Capes Through History


Throughout history, capes have been a significant part of costumes with many historical figures during the Renaissance era all through to the Victorian clad capes to complete their attire. Little Red Riding Hood, Sherlock Holmes, and Count Dracula are just some of the famous characters who use capes to portray the fashion trends of their era. Nearly all characters, even those from a cosplay sense would wear a cape instead of a button-up, sleeved coat.

Practical Use | CapesThe cover offered by a cape can provide different functions. Warmth and protection for chilly weather conditions are the most obvious, but that is often associated with a thick cape. A light cape can also shield against the sun and also shield the body from rain without getting the body too hot. Very Heavy capes can offer protection against strong winds and cold weather. Such functionality is helpful is it is an inclusive feature in garments designed to shield from the sun, rain, and chilly winds but the design renders the attire an impractical wear.


In the modern fashion, a cape may not be man’s thing, but there are instances that it is workable. Wearing a cape can cook up some drama with a hint of mystery when added to an outfit; exuding a simple elegance to the wearer based on different situations. Capes can be used to conceal a package or weapon that making it a feature that enhances personal security. Also, it is easy and fast to unleash a concealed weapon when such a need arises.

Capes can be an elegant addition to outfits for people of different age and gender irrespective of the need. So, if you are looking for a dramatic addition to your wardrobe, a garment that will offer protection and give you warmth while providing endless possibilities in regards to function, then get a cape.

Adult Superhero Capes for Sale

To Cape or Not to Cape

Superheroes can be summed up into two broad categories: with and without capes. Fans around the world recognize Batman, Superman, and Thor all by their distinctive costumes and capes. And while superheroes like the Flash, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Iron Man choose to forgo the wearing of capes, we believe it is not because they have anything against capes; rather, they probably have pragmatic reasons for going sans cape when saving the world. Let’s take a look at the best superhero capes. Read more “Best Superhero Capes”

Supehero Capes for Adults

A superhero is someone who possesses two general qualities:

a.) a commitment to upholding good, justice, and way of uprightness
b.) supernatural ability or abilities that enable him or her to perform extraordinary feats of heroism

The fine line that exists between superhero and supervillain can be compared to the difference between an ordinary hero and an ordinary villain. Time and time again, we see heroes like Captain America and his soldiers as a team fighting Hydra agents and all around the world. Both the Cap and the soldiers are heroes – the former just happens to be a super soldier with enhanced physical prowess, strength, indestructible shield, and a noble cause. Read more “What is a Superhero”

Becoming a Superhero: Origins, a Past, and a Foe

When we consider the question “How to be a Superhero”, the first thing that often comes to mind is not a superhero’s origins. Initially, we usually associate a superhero with how he or she looks (ie. flying faster than a speeding bullet in a big red cape), and how they carry out the noble cause of rescuing innocent lives, stopping evil, and just being a superhero. We’re astonished by their abilities, and filled with wonder at witnessing their power. And the one thing superheroes often have in common with one another is having a difficult personal event or series of events that start them on their path to becoming superheroes: being orphaned, betrayed, or experiencing a deeply traumatic ordeal. And when a superhero overcomes that hard past, and transforms himself or herself into strong, noble-spirited individual who stands for justice, goodness, and protecting the world, it is quite a moving sight to see. Read more “How to be a Superhero”