Adult Superhero Capes for Sale
When people think of costumes, Halloween naturally comes to mind. Here in the United States, Halloween is a popular holiday where everyone can dress up and flaunt their creativity with their favorite hero. And, Halloween is not the only time people may want to dress up in a cape. Costume parties can happen at any time, and there are many other occasions, such as events at work, places of worship, clubs, and organizations, where a costume is required.

Superheroes are the most common costumes worn at Halloween and other events, with characters like Batman, Superman, Catwoman, Iron Man, Thor and Spiderman predominating. Each character is unique; however, a common theme of superheroes is the iconic cape many of them wear.

No superhero costume is complete without this essential component. But what type of cape? Readymade capes can be found at all types of stores, ranging from the big box general stores to the more party-oriented stores. There are many choices, but these types of capes are standard fare and are usually based on the characters that are currently popular, in order to sell to the crowd. However, if a different theme is desired, it’s time to think about other options. Custom-made capes may be just the answer.

Custom capes are capes that can be designed to fit the wearer’s specifications. First, choose a medallion of any shape or style. Then, decide on the text to display on the cape. Possible text can be names, slogans or phrases. After deciding on the medallion and the text, it is time to choose the colors for these items. Colors like green, blue, red, black, yellow and purple are common options for the text, the medallion and the actual cape.

costume cape

Children often want to express themselves in a different manner than can be found at a store. The ability to have their own name and personally designed medallion on their capes lends an incredible amount of power to their personal individuality. Parents with plenty of time and creativity may prefer to design the costumes themselves, but with minimal time and multiple children to costume, custom capes can be a great alternative.

Costumes are not just for kids, as many adults often enjoy dressing up in costumes. The reasons for choosing a unique and individualized custom cape can vary. One reason can be that of a large group of people attending an event together. What better way to make a statement than to have all the people wear the same type of cape to reflect their commonality?

Nostalgia can also be a reason. Heroes of yesteryear may be hard to find, and this will then be a good way to become that past superhero. Shazam! Unleash the inner Captain Marvel that is lurking inside all of us. Adults can channel Letterman from The Electric Company and overcome the letter theft from Spellbinder. No longer “gold”, but now “old”. This won’t cut it, so let’s be “bold”!

No matter the reason, custom capes can be the ultimate method of expression in a fun setting. While custom capes may require a bit more money than one purchased at the store, the benefits definitely outweigh the higher cost. The better quality of the garment and the individualization of the theme lend themselves perfectly to the desire to keep this costume for many years.

Supehero Capes for Adults

So, if there is a special occasion that requires a costume, and becoming a super hero is on the agenda, consider getting a cape that reflects the true you. Get out that paper and pen and begin designing that perfect costume, complete with a superhero custom cape.