Adult Superhero Capes for Sale

To Cape or Not to Cape

Superheroes can be summed up into two broad categories: with and without capes. Fans around the world recognize Batman, Superman, and Thor all by their distinctive costumes and capes. And while superheroes like the Flash, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Iron Man choose to forgo the wearing of capes, we believe it is not because they have anything against capes; rather, they probably have pragmatic reasons for going sans cape when saving the world. Let’s take a look at the best superhero capes. Read more “Best Superhero Capes”

Supehero Capes for Adults

A superhero is someone who possesses two general qualities:

a.) a commitment to upholding good, justice, and way of uprightness
b.) supernatural ability or abilities that enable him or her to perform extraordinary feats of heroism

The fine line that exists between superhero and supervillain can be compared to the difference between an ordinary hero and an ordinary villain. Time and time again, we see heroes like Captain America and his soldiers as a team fighting Hydra agents and all around the world. Both the Cap and the soldiers are heroes – the former just happens to be a super soldier with enhanced physical prowess, strength, indestructible shield, and a noble cause. Read more “What is a Superhero”

Becoming a Superhero: Origins, a Past, and a Foe

When we consider the question “How to be a Superhero”, the first thing that often comes to mind is not a superhero’s origins. Initially, we usually associate a superhero with how he or she looks (ie. flying faster than a speeding bullet in a big red cape), and how they carry out the noble cause of rescuing innocent lives, stopping evil, and just being a superhero. We’re astonished by their abilities, and filled with wonder at witnessing their power. And the one thing superheroes often have in common with one another is having a difficult personal event or series of events that start them on their path to becoming superheroes: being orphaned, betrayed, or experiencing a deeply traumatic ordeal. And when a superhero overcomes that hard past, and transforms himself or herself into strong, noble-spirited individual who stands for justice, goodness, and protecting the world, it is quite a moving sight to see. Read more “How to be a Superhero”